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Information Technology

Information Technology (IT) is responsible for supporting Public Health's data, connectivity and communication needs to ensure the Public Health Department is able to meet its strategic goals as well as its day-to-day operations.

Information Technology's activities provide a foundation for the successful completion of hundreds of services that are provided each day by Public Health staff in our health care centers, homeless shelters, pharmacies, animal shelters, medical therapy units and remotely throughout the county. 

Human Resources

The Public Health Department Human Resources (PHD HR) Division is responsible for tracking and maintaining employee records which includes: personnel histories, job related medical records, required licenses/certifications, performance records, and timesheets.

Current PHD Recruitments


The Safety Program ensures the department is in compliance with federal, state, and local safety standards and guidelines. Public Health has a designated Safety Officer with  responsibilities that include oversight and monitoring of safety programs, implementation of new safety programs, updating safety policies, procedures, and plans, investigation and follow up of safety related issues, and monitoring safety training.

Contracts Unit

The Contracts Unit processes all of the contracts for the Public Health Department (PHD) with strict adherence to all County of Santa Barbara protocols and rules for purchases.  The Contracts Unit provides service for all of PHD with regards to: Agreements, Contracts, Leases, Memorandums of Understanding (MOU), Student Support Agreements, and Revenue Contracts with both state and federal entities.

Visit the Contracts Unit webpage for more information

Tobacco Settlement

In 1998, forty-six states, including California, agreed to settle their lawsuits against the tobacco industry which were filed to recover the costs of treating smoking-related illnesses. The participating tobacco companies agreed to pay the states an estimated $206 billion over the next 25 years. California is projected to receive an estimated $25 billion through 2025. Santa Barbara County is projected to receive approximately $4 million per year during the same period.