Contracts Unit


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Information on Existing Contract(s) with PHD :
Vendors who have already established a contract with PHD, via the Purchasing department,  may email PHDCU@SBCPHD.ORG.

 View Insurance Requirements :
In compliance with County of Santa Barbara Purchasing and Risk Management rules, PHD requires that service vendor provide insurance depending on the service they provide. Insurance requirements are as follows: 

  • General Liability (requires a separate endorsement page)
  • Professional Liability
  • Workers' Compensation
  • Automobile Insurance

When service contracts are first established, the Contracts Unit reviews the service being provided and will inform vendors of the insurance required for their particular service. Not all insurance types that are listed above are required for every service contract.  Insurance Letter

Student Support Agreements:
PHD is an active partner with many learning institutions, both local and non-local. Learn how your school can establish a relationship with the Public Health Department for student training, accreditation requirements and work-study programs.  Student Support Agreement

Establish a New Contract with the Public Health Department:
Vendors who desire to contract with PHD must first visit the County's Purchasing Department.  The County's  Purchasing Website  provides a full list of bidding opportunities, instructions for vendor registration, County Standard Terms & Conditions, and details on what the County buys.