Patient Accounting – Billing, Insurance, and Collection Services

Description of Services:

The Patient Accounting Department handles public insurance billing for Santa Barbara County Health Care Centers, 1 laboratory and 3 pharmacies. Patient Accounting sends claims to Medi-Cal, Medicare, California Children's Services (CCS), Indigent Care Program (IC), Homeless, and Tobacco Settlement (TS) programs. Patient Accounting collects and process payments, audit patient accounts to ensure correct billing, and sets up payment plans to assist patients.

  • Clearance Exams:

    We provide clearance exams (Non-commercial DMV, RN School Admission, Pre-Employment, Trade School Admissions, Special Olympics and other types). These exams and their associated labs, x-rays, immunizations, hearing and vision tests are not covered by any payer source such as Medicare or Medi-Cal. These exams are not eligible for sliding scale and payment is requested at the time of service.
  • Sliding Fee Scale:

    We use a sliding scale fee schedule, which offers discounted fees for services to persons without any other payer source. The sliding fee schedule determines, based on gross family income, family size and the federal poverty level, the percentage discounted of billed charges.

Payment Policy

It is policy that a request will be made for a payment toward services provided at the time of service for self pay patients and patients with a Medi-Cal or Indigent Care Program Share of Cost in accordance with our Federally Qualified Health Center (FQHC) rules and regulations. No patient will be turned away based on their ability to pay.

Method of Payment

Cash, checks, credit and atm cards (Visa and Master Cards only) are accepted. Credit card payments may be paid by mail, in person at any of the Health Care Centers sites or over the phone.

Questions about your bill?

If you need to speak to someone about your bill, please call (805) 681-5215, Monday – Friday, between 8:00am to 12:00pm, and 1:00pm to 4:00pm

Billing Office
Public Health Fiscal Services

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