Barking Dog

Dog noise complaints in the unincorporated areas of Santa Barbara County are investigated by Animal Control Officers. There is a step by step process for these complaints.  The first recommendation is to contact the dog owner to advise them there is a concern about barking.  Often the owner is unaware that the dog is creating a disturbance. If this is unsuccessful, contact Animal Services for help.

We are currently operating on a priority basis. You are able to submit your complaint via the form below. We will contact the dog owner and take the appropriate action.

Click here to view the County of Santa Barbara Dog Noise Ordinance or The City of Lompoc Municipal Code

Barking Dog Brochure [ English ] [  Español ]

 For more information or to file a complaint, contact your local Animal Shelter 

Santa Barbara Shelter
Phone: (805) 681-5285 

Santa Maria Shelter
Phone: (805) 934-6119

A few contract cities have their own Bark Complaint process. If the nuisance is in one of these areas please contact the appropriate office below:

City of Santa Maria

City of Carpinteria

City of Santa Barbara