The owner of every dog over the age of four (4) months shall ensure that his or her pet is currently vaccinated for rabies by a licensed veterinarian and secure a license for the pet as provided by local city or county ordinance. A pet license is also a form of identification. Lost pets who have a license tag are more likely to be returned home than those without tags. NOTE: Making a false declaration regarding the vaccination of an animal may result in a citation and/or non-issuance of a license.


  1. Proof of rabies vaccination. This documentation can be obtained from your veterinarian.
  2. Veterinary Certificate. This documentation can be obtained from your veterinarian and needed for unaltered licenses.
  3. A copy of the license renewal notice we sent you.
  4. Proof of age for senior discount. (optional)
  5. Payment.
    1. Pay online
    2. Checks can be mailed to the Santa Maria or Goleta Shelter location.
    3. Pay over the phone.
    4. In Person: You can come in to any one of our Santa Barbara County Animal Services shelter locations by appointment.
      Santa Maria- 548 W. Foster Rd.
      Goleta- 5473 Overpass Rd.


Documents may be sent via FAX, Email, or U.S. Mail. Smartphone pictures of documents can be sent directly to the email below.

  • Santa Maria FAX: 805-934-6326, Santa Barbara FAX: 805-681-5283
  • Santa Maria Animal Shelter
    548 West Foster Rd
    Santa Maria, CA 93455
  • Santa Barbara Animal Shelter
    5473 Overpass Road
    Goleta, CA 93111

PetHub TagSanta Barbara County Animal Services has upgraded from the old, metal tags, to PetHub Smart Tags! This new tag features a unique QR code that, when scanned by a smart phone, will display the information you want to share with the person who found your lost pet. This new Smart License Tag will allow your pet to come home faster than ever before!

UPGRADE. If your pet is currently licensed, but you have the old metal tag, click here to upgrade to a new PetHub Smart Tag! It is not mandatory to upgrade to this new tag if your pet is currently licensed with a metal tag.

CLICK HERE to pay for your pet's license.

If you have questions about your late penalty, contact Animal Services before renewing online.

LICENSING RATES for Santa Barbara County (Excluding Santa Barbara City and Carpinteria)

For spayed or neutered animals*

For animals NOT spayed or neutered

Senior Discount (for spayed or neutered pet only)**

1-Year License $25 $80 $22
2-Year License $48 $140 $35
3-Year License $74 $200 $52
Replacement Tag $10 $10 $10

Licensing rates and procedures for the City of Santa Barbara and the City of Carpinteria below:


  • The City of Lompoc requires all dogs over 4 months of age to be spayed or neutered per Municipal Code 6.20.030. Specific exemptions are listed at
  • The city of Santa Maria requires all dogs over 4 months of age to be spayed or neutered per Santa Maria Municipal Code Title 5, Chapter 5-3, Article 3- Animal Licensing.   Click here for Specific Exemptions.


  1. To help control pet overpopulation in Santa Barbara County, SBCAS offers lower pet license fees for pets who are spayed or neutered.
  2. If your pet is spayed or neutered, please send proof of sterilization to receive this discount.
  3. Proof of Sterilization can be submitted via U.S. Mail to either shelter location; by FAX: 805-934-6326- Santa Maria or 805-681-5283- Santa Barbara.
  4. Photos of documents taken from smartphones are accepted. They can be mailed to


  1. Provide a Veterinary Certificate signed by a licensed veterinarian (applies to the unincorporated areas of the County, the City of Buellton, the City of Guadalupe, the City of Goleta, and the City of Solvang).
  2. A Veterinary Certificate is valid for either one year or the term of the license, whichever is longer.
  3. An owner may request a Veterinary Certificate from their veterinarian.
  4. A veterinarian may issue a Veterinary Certificate after the veterinarian has discussed the objectives and purpose for owning the cat or dog and after considering the overall circumstances, including the age and health of the animal, the veterinarian authorizes the owner to purchase an Unaltered Animal License


  • Rabies vaccination must be current to purchase license. Example: a license cannot exceed the expiration of your pet's rabies vaccination. SBCAS staff can assist you in determining which license length you need. Question? Email us at

PLEASE NOTE: Failure to provide payment or necessary information by the required date on your License Renewal Notice may result in loss of fees, penalties and possible citation.


Although the State of California does not require that your cat be licensed, getting a license for your cat is a good idea. A lost cat with a license tag has a much better chance of being reunited with his or her guardian. To purchase a cat license simply fill out an Animal License Form and send in the form along with your cats proof of rabies vaccination and a payment of $17.00. Please include proof of spay or neuter.