Our Shelter Partners

Santa Barbara County is incredibly fortunate to have so many people and organizations who are concerned and involved in animal welfare. We are able to provide extraordinary care to many animals because of our valuable community partners.

Animal Shelter Assistance Program (ASAP)
ASAP and Santa Barbara County Animal Services have formed a strong partnership in which ASAP cares for the County's stray and abandoned cats at the Santa Barbara Shelter. ASAP's mission has been to save the lives of cats in Santa Barbara County by providing shelter, veterinary care, behavioral support, adoption and foster services, education and community outreach.

Bunnies Urgently Needing Shelter (BUNS)
BUNS and Santa Barbara County Animal Services also have a strong partnership in which BUNS cares for the stray and abandoned rabbits and guinea pigs at the Santa Barbara Shelter. BUNS mission is to provide shelter and care to rabbits in need, promote spaying and neutering, and promote education, humane care, welfare and behavior of rabbits.

Santa Barbara County Animal Care Foundation (SBCACF)
SBCACF's mission is to promote animal welfare and to better the quality of life for animals in Santa Barbara County through education, outreach, collaboration and promotion of the humane ethic and responsible treatment of all animals. SBCACF's efforts and focus are supporting  Santa Barbara County Animal Services.

K-9 Placement and Assistance League (K-9 PALS)
K-9 PALS mission is to provide humane care, forever homes and advocacy for homeless and abandoned dogs in the County shelters and other dogs in need so that every dog will have a chance for a permanent loving home. K-9 PALS provides resources for shelter dogs for veterinary care, health, comfort, behavior modification, adoption promotions, rescue and relocation.

Companion Animal Placement Assistance (Lompoc CAPA)
Lompoc CAPA's mission is to partner with Santa Barbara County Animal Services to provide the best care and save shelter animal lives in Lompoc. Lompoc CAPA provides resources for veterinary care, comfort,  and adoption promotions.