Compliance Program

The Santa Barbara County Public Health Department (PHD) has adopted a Compliance Program that reflects its commitment to provide high quality of care and effective risk management. PHD is committed to preventing, detecting, and correcting any improper or unethical conduct or conduct that does not conform to federal and state law, payor program requirements and PHD's business practices. The Compliance Program includes a Compliance Plan that describes PHD's Compliance Program structure, Code of Ethics and Risk Management Plan. The Program applies to: (1) medical necessity/quality of care and its associated documentation; (2) billings; (3) payments; (4) governance; (5) mandatory reporting; (6) credentialing; and (7) other risk areas that are identified by PHD.

PHD's Compliance Program applies to all: (1) individuals employed by PHD; (2) individuals, contractors, clients, volunteers, and other entities providing services and supplies to PHD; and (3) members of the Health Center Board (collectively referred to as "Compliance Partners"). All Compliance Partners are expected to read, understand and comply with this Plan (including the Code of Conduct contained herein). In addition, all Compliance Partners are expected to report to their supervisor, PHD's Compliance Officer, or the Compliance Hotline any conduct that they believe violates the PHD Compliance Plan, PHD's policies, or applicable laws and regulations.

An ongoing, proactive compliance program is critical to achieving quality outcomes for our customers as well as building a healthy community.

If you have questions about the PHD Compliance Program, please review the PHD Compliance Plan Frequently Asked Questions (click here ). For more extensive information you may review the PHD Compliance Plan ( click here ) or use one of the contact and reporting methodologies below to get your questions answered.

Questions and Reporting

If you have questions regarding the PHD Compliance Program, in addition to consulting your supervisor or program manager, you may use the PHD Compliance Hotline to get answers to your questions. The Compliance Hotline also allows you to report your concerns about any area of compliance, including information-sharing, claiming, and other compliance areas. You may either contact us anonymously or identify yourself. In either case, your concerns will be taken seriously and result in appropriate follow-up. We appreciate your support of the PHD Compliance Program and actively reporting your concerns. Thank you for your participation.

There are two options for reports and suggestions:

  1. By Phone: Hotline (844) 351-0659 or Compliance Office (805) 681-5173 You will be connected to the PHD Compliance Officer. If that person is unavailable at the time of your call, please leave a voice-mail message which is checked daily. If you would like a response, please leave a phone number or other means to contact you.

  2. By E-mail: If you would like a response, please include an email address or phone number. To: PHD Compliance Officer

Compliance and Privacy Training Materials