LUFT / Leaking Underground Fuel Tank

Leaking Underground Fuel Tank program is operated under annual grants from the State Water Resources Control Board (SWRCB). This program provides regulatory oversight and assistance with the assessment and remediation of qualified Leaking Underground Fuel Tank systems. Qualified underground tanks must have been used for the storage of petroleum products only. Regulations for the LUFT program are included in the California Water Code, California Code of Regulations Title 23. All LUFT sites are evaluated using the SWRCB's Low-Threat Closure Policy (see fact sheet below).

Please check the State Water Resources Control Board's GeoTracker online website for site-specific contact information at:

LUFT Program Contacts

Jason Johnston, Supervising Environmental Health Specialist, (805) 346-7348

Thomas M. Rejzek, Professional Geologist, (805) 346-8216

Steven Nailor, Senior Hazardous Materials Specialist, (805) 346-8344

Marissa Censullo, Hazardous Materials Specialist, (805) 346-8345

Cristina Belu, Administrative Office Professional, (805) 346-8469