SMU / Site Mitigation Unit

The Site Mitigation Unit provides regulatory oversight for site assessment and corrective actions at properties where hazardous substance releases have occurred that are not associated with a leaking underground fuel tank system. LUFT sites are regulated by EHS under a grant from the State. The primary goal of the Site Mitigation Unit is to protect human health and natural resources by ensuring appropriate steps are taken to mitigate and cleanup land and water contaminated with hazardous materials. Site Mitigation cases include releases of crude oil, other hazardous substances and toxic heavy metals, oilfield restoration, properties contaminated by former industrial/commercial uses and sites with historic contaminated fill. SMU cases are primarily overseen under the authority of California Health and Safety Code 101480 et. seq.

Information for all current and most archival SMU sites can be found on the State Water Resources Control Board's Geotracker website. Additionally, our Site Mitigation Unit Master Site list identifies properties which have been SMU sites, and their current status in our program. If you need information for a SMU site that appears on the Master Site List but is not yet available on Geotracker, please complete and submit a Public Records Access Agreement to EHS.

SMU Program Contacts

Jason Johnston, REHS, Supervising Environmental Health Specialist, (805) 346-7348 

Thomas M. Rejzek, Professional Geologist, (805) 346-8216

Steven Nailor, Senior Hazardous Materials Specialist, (805) 346-8344

Marissa Censullo, Hazardous Materials Specialist, (805) 346-8345

Cristina Belu, Administrative Office Professional, (805) 346-8469