Emergency Medical Services for Children (EMSC)

Much of the emergency education and training in the EMS system has focused on the adult patient. Research from California's EMSC project shows that 5 - 10% of the prehospital responses and 20 - 30% of the emergency department visits involve pediatric patients (under 17 years of age). These numbers justify a coordinated and well-integrated approach to pediatric emergency care.

In 1997 the Santa Barbara County EMS Agency received a grant from the State EMS Authority to plan, develop and implement a comprehensive EMSC system. This system addresses prehospital, emergency department, pediatric trauma critical care, Trauma interfacility transfers and referral services, and improvement of data collection and evaluation of pediatric services.

The EMSC Advisory Committee is comprised of three subcommittees:

  • The Prevention Committee encourages illness and injury prevention activities for children. Examples include the Low Cost Bike Helmet and Car Seat Safety programs.
  • The Prehospital Committee focus is on the pediatric specific training and equipment needs of the prehospital provider.
  • The Hospital Committee makes recommendations regarding training for staff, equipment, and supplies; and for evaluation, stabilization and transport of children. The committee is also involved in conducting Hospital Emergency Department evaluations throughout the county.