EMS Providers

Emergency Medical Services (EMS) are initiated by a 911 call. EMS is a team effort. This team includes the law enforcement agency dispatcher, fire first responders & ambulance providers, and emergency department staff.

Consider the following scenario: An individual falls down the stairs and is unconscious on the floor. A witness dials 911 for help. This activates the chain reaction of emergency medical services. The 911 call is received by a law enforcement dispatcher, who asks the caller for information about the incident (type of incident and location of victim). The dispatcher informs the caller that help is on the way and dispatches resources. In some areas, the caller is given over the phone first aid instructions to assist the victim until the first response unit arrives. The first responder agency prepares for the ambulance's arrival. Once the response team is on scene they assess the patient and provide appropriate medical care under the direction of the closest base hospital emergency physician. Enroute to the hospital the pre-hospital team calls with an estimated time of arrival and provides an update of patient status. Once notified, the emergency department team prepares for the patients' arrival. The EMS system is a collaborative effort of dedicated individuals and agencies, all working together to provide quality care.

Please see below (Receiving Hospitals) for a list of County Base Hospital Emergency Departments and the number of Emergency Department visits. This list represents the total visits recorded in the Emergency Department, not the total number of patients transported through the EMS System.

Receiving Hospitals

Santa Barbara County Ambulance Rates 2022