To help with social distancing during COVID-19, you do not need to come to your appointment. Please call 1-877-275-8805 or text SBWIC to 85511 for assistance.          
Para ayudar con el distanciamiento social durante la pandemia de COVID-19, no es necesario que venga a su cita. Por favor llame al 1-877-275-8805 o envíe un mensaje de texto con SBWIC al 85511 para obtener ayuda.

About Our Program

Position & Mission Statement

The California WIC Program promotes, supports and protects exclusive breastfeeding for approximately the first six months of life, and continued breastfeeding for at least the first year.

  • Breastfeeding is the norm for WIC
  • WIC is a Breastfeeding Program
  • WIC is a valuable source of breastfeeding information and help
  • Breastfeed for at least one year
  • Partner with WIC to promote breastfeeding

Pump Loans

  • WIC offers manual, pedal, and electric breast pumps to eligible mothers.
  • Fully breastfeeding participants may receive a "Personal Use Pump in Style" (PNS) electric breast pump to keep when working or going to school close to 30 hours including travel time.

Breastfeeding Problems

  • Breastfeeding help is available by phone or in person at each WIC site.
  • All sites have Lactation Educators and access to Lactation Consultants (IBCLCs).
  • Please call us, we are here to help you succeed with breastfeeding at (877) 275-8805.
  • Click here for more Breastfeeding Support

Extra Food Checks

  • Fully breastfeeding mothers, those who are not taking any formula from WIC, receive extra food.
  • This includes tuna and salmon and double the amount of the other foods.
  • The additional food covers the increased calorie and nutrient needs while a mother is breastfeeding and is an incentive to continue breastfeeing.
  • Fully breastfeeding mothers, at 6 months, receive double the jars of fruits, vegetables.
  • Are the only group to receive baby meats for their infant(s).

Extra Six Months of WIC

  • Fully or mostly breastfeeding mothers (up to 4-5 cans of formula) will receive WIC checks and nutrition education up until the infant's first birthday.
  • A mother who is doing some breastfeeding (using 6-9 cans of formula per month) will recceive WIC checks for herself until the baby turns 6 months and only nutrition education thereafter unless she decides to use less formula.
  • Mothers who do not breastfeed may receive WIC checks for herself until their infant is six months of age. This is also an incentive to keep mothers breastfeeding longer.

Prenatal Classes

All pregnant women are scheduled into an interactive prenatal breastfeeding classes "Breastfeeding: A Smart Choice" where the cell phone is used during class

Breastfeeding Rates

Breastfeeding is the norm for WIC mothers and their infants up to age one year and beyond!