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Peer Counselor Program

Who are the Peer Counselors?

The Peer Counselors are mom's just like you who breastfed their children.

They are at WIC to help first time mothers or mothers who did not breastfeed.

They provide breastfeeding information by phone, text, and in person

They can help you successfully breastfed while you are going to work or school.

They can issues pumps and schedule your WIC and Lactation Consultant (IBCLC) appointment 

Meet Santa Barbara County's WIC Peer Counselors

Arely and Sandra

Arely1      Sandra1

Arely & Sandra are part of our Internationally Recognized and Award Winning Breastfeeding Team, they:

  • Oversee our "Bfed" two way texting program.
  • Are role models to empower families to breastfeed.
  • Meet the needs of Gen Y & Z.
  • Provide links to great breastfeeding information.

Talk with your WIC staff today about joining the Peer Counselor Program.

Breastfeeding is the norm for WIC mothers and their infants up to one year and beyond!!