California Children Services (CCS) provides medical care to children who are at risk for or who have serious, chronic and disabling physical conditions or diseases. Anyone can refer a child to CCS; but CCS will require medical reports and prescriptions for care from a physician in order to determine eligibility and authorize services


CCS is a part of the California State Department of Health Care Services in the Children's Medical Service Branch . The Santa Barbara County Public Health Department administers CCS for Santa Barbara County. Other Counties have their own CCS Offices .

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CCS includes four types of services for children (0-21 years) with special health care needs.

Diagnostic and Treatment Programs:

The CCS Diagnostic Program refers and pays for evaluations by medical specialists when a child may have an eligible medical condition. Financial eligibility is not a requirement of this part of CCS.

The CCS Treatment Program provides comprehensive case management for children with serious, chronic, disfiguring, or disabling medical conditions or diseases. The child must have a medically eligible condition or disease and the family must meet financial eligibility criteria.

Medical Therapy Program:

The Medical Therapy Program (MTP) provides physical and occupational therapy to children with certain physical (neuromuscular or orthopedic) conditions or diseases. These services are provided free of charge in special locations (Medical Therapy Units) associated with schools. In addition, consultation may occur in the classroom and home. Financial eligibility is not a requirement of this part of CCS.

High Risk Infant Follow-Up

The High Risk Infant Follow Up (HRIF) Program offers high risk infants comprehensive developmental evaluations. Infants who are born with a risk factor(s) for physical developmental problems may qualify for this program. The goal is to identify infants and toddlers with delays and refer them for early developmental services to prevent serious physical disability. Financial eligibility is not a requirement of this part of CCS.